Creative Finance Course

Creative Finance Course

No Money, No Problem: Grow Your Property Portfolio with our online Creative Finance course!

No Money, No Problem: Grow Your Property Portfolio with our online Creative Finance course!

  • Build wealth faster

  • Find more money

  • Buy more HOUSES

Don’t be held back by the 6 problems all property investors face

And it’s costing you…

  • Finding and securing the funding for property deals

  • Successfully speaking to & building relationships with angel investors

  • Finding and putting offers on profitable property deals

  • Feeling frustrated, confused & incompetant

  • Getting top quality training & mentoring

  • Dealing with difficult people

Venturing into property investment can yield substantial returns, yet like all investment vehicles, it typically brings a unique set of financing challenges. The Creative Finance course teaches you how to master all of them.

What our students have to say…

What an amazing Creative Finance training with coaches Mark Dalton and Lyndsay Hopkins. We covered a wide range of finance options available that I hadn’t a clue about previously along with really useful case studies and stories to bring the content to life. I feel more excited than ever knowing these routes are available to help me build my property portfolio and financial freedom.
Just completed the Creative Finance Course – Mark and Lindsay were genuinely amazing; the knowledge between them is immense. Their passion to help us learn, and more importantly that we ACT on our learning, shines though and is empowering. Highly recommended to anyone embarking into property investing. I wish I knew this knowledge 20 years ago.

Just finished the Creative Finance course, and I can honestly say that even though I am new to property investment, I now feel more confident with the options available to me when I thought I had none. Was it information overload – YES! Will I watch the recordings over again – DEFINITELY! Mark and Lindsay are slightly nutty but they have so much positive energy and knowledge which I found not only motivating but encouraging. If they can pick themselves up at the lowest point in life and rise like a phoenix, then so can I.

The key benefits of Creative Finance.

This course will help investors who are just beginning their investing journey & seasoned investors looking for ways to grow their portfolio.

UK Property Network Live Creative Finance Course Mark Dalton

Build Wealth Faster

Creative Finance will help you to successfully & sustainably build your wealth faster.

UK Property Network Live Creative Finance Course Mark Dalton

Find More Money

The course will introduce unconventional funding streams and strategic partnerships that work without the need for a mortgage.

buy more houses uk property network creative finance


Learn how to fund MORE property investments using none of your own money.

Bonus 1: Creative Finance eBook

This book is the perfect accompaniment to the course. It will examine creative systems of raising finance that can be used for all aspects of buying, renovating, selling and renting out property. Each system will be explained in detail as you learn, covering how and when to use them. You will also learn important skills for gaining access to finance and investing in property, such as developing the interpersonal skills to build relationships and negotiate effectively.


The key concepts of Creative Finance.

There are six main elements for success in Creative Finance. Each element is important in its own right, but when combined they create a powerful formula for success. The Creative Finance course teaches you how to master all of them.

Everything can be systemised

Creative Finance is a collection of systems for wealth creation that work. I have tried, tested and refined these systems in the real world. There are no hidden secrets or magical promises, just simple and incremental steps to follow. However, the outcome will be determined by sticking to the system with persistence, commitment and implementation. These systems include processes for finding the right area, finding the right strategy and raising the finance plus many others


Scalability is the potential to take what works well and replicate it, grow it and build a portfolio of income generating assets that will take you towards your goals. It may be to achieve your financial goals, it will require owning ten Buy to Let properties and two Commercial premises for example. So how do you do that? This course will teach you how to grow and expand to reach those goals.

Know the market

Understanding the market is part of a very simple concept called doing-the-basics-well. As a property investor, knowing which area to invest in and which properties to buy will be critical to your success. If you cannot grasp the basics and do not follow a system that leads in the right direction, you will be operating on guess work which has a high chance of failure. Knowing the market will therefore allow you to both buy to demand and also let to demand, rather than taking pot-luck with your investments.

Develop a marketing plan

A good marketing plan will also be central to your success and will include many different avenues. You will need to know how to market yourself to sellers, buyers, tenants, investors and estate agents, along with many other people that will form part of your team.

Create and find motivated sellers

Creating profitable property investments will only work through buying properties below market value, and to do this will require finding sellers who are motivated to sell. A motivated seller is someone who has a strong desire to sell. Someone who will be willing to accept a lower offer price as a means to solve a problem they are experiencing.

Your team

The final key to Creative Finance can be found in the power of your team and understanding your role within that team. Your primary duties should be finding and creating property purchases followed by raising the finance to fund each deal. Every other task can be outsourced to members of your team, allowing you to focus on what you are good at.

Bonus 2: 30 Minute FREE Call With Mark Dalton

The first 10 sign ups will receive a complimentary 30-minute consultation call, exclusively available when you buy the Creative Finance course. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting started, this one-on-one session with Mark Dalton provides invaluable insights tailored to your unique needs. Gain clarity, ask pressing questions, and strategise your next move in the market. This is not just a call—it’s an opportunity to bolster your investment journey. Secure your purchase today and unlock the key to property investment success. Don’t miss out on this limited-time bonus!

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The key features of Creative Finance.

On-Demand Course

18 hour’s worth of training videos split up into easily digestible sections.

Course Companion

This course comes with a 38-page eBook choc full of golden nuggets.

Digital Downloads

11 downloadable documents including all the slides shown on the course.

Watch In Your Own Time

The On-demand course format allows you to watch what you want, when you want, and where you want.

Constantly Updated

The course will be revised & updated to keep up with changing trends & legislation.

6 Months access to UKPNL

You will receive 6 months free access to the UKPNL networking subscription. If you are already subscribed, we will add you to the 6-month free access subscription.

Creative Finance is key to success in property investing. Signup today!

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For a course that could help you make you 100x that amount.

  • 18 hours of training

  • Learn how to build wealth faster

  • BONUS 1 – Creative Finance eBook

  • Learn how to find more money

  • BONUS 2 – Free 30 min call with Mark Dalton for the first 10 sign-ups!

  • Learn how to buy more houses!

  • 6 months free access to UKPNL subscription